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Janice Nam

Janice is a junior living in Quincy House, studying Applied Math on the Sociology Track. She is originally from Johns Creek, GA, and her favorite foods include salmon, CAVA, and 고기.


Co-Social Chair

Jisung Lee

Jisung is a junior in Cabot House studying History of Art and Architecture. She is originally from Logan, UT and you can catch her at Black Sheep Bagel and Zinnekens in Harvard Square. 


Co-Culture Chair

Alex Lim

Alex is a sophomore in Currier House, studying Economics and Computer Science. He hails from Chapel Hill, NC and he spent the summer on tour with the Harvard Kroks.


Co-Community Chair

Paul Song

Paul is a senior in Mather House who is originally from Gilroy, CA. He is studying Computer Science with a secondary in Economics and his favorite movie is The Maze Runner. 


Co-Finance Chair

Atticus Lee

Atticus is a sophomore in Eliot House, originally from NYC. He is a Government concentrator and he lived in Mark Zuckerberg's old dorm room in freshman year. 


Education and Political Outreach Chair

Eunah Jo

Eunah is a junior in Dunster House studying Psychology. She is originally from Singapore and the three ways to her heart are music, yummy food, and naps. 

_MG_3664 (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Technology Chair

Samuel Kim

Sam is a sophomore in Mather House, studying Computer Science and Statistics. He is originally from Los Angeles, CA and spent the summer doing ML research. His favorite song is "Biking" by Frank Ocean.



Kevin Sohn

Kevin is a freshman in Wigglesworth planning to study Computer Science. He is originally from Irvine, CA and his favorite boba order is oolong milk tea!



Yujean Shin

Yujean is a freshman living in Pennypacker planning to study Mathematics. She is originally from Bremen, GA and she likes dad jokes a lot!



Daniel Bae

Daniel is freshman in Weld planning to study Social Studies. He is originally from NYC and can walk on his hands!



Ally Chun

Ally is a junior in Kirkland House, originally from Nanuet, NY. She studies Integrative Biology and her favorite song is "Drown" by Weston Estate.


Co-Social Chair

Emily Song

Emily is a senior in Pforzheimer House, studying History of Science on the pre-med track. She's originally from Atlanta, GA and spends her free time working out, podcasting, or working as a spin instructor and barista. 


Co-Culture Chair

Nicole Lee

Nicole is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House, studying Sociology and Economics. She is originally from Hong Kong and her favorite Korean food is soondubu.


Co-Community Chair

Brandon Kim

Brandon is a senior in Kirkland House, studying Computer Science. He is originally from Belmont, MA and he spent the summer working on programming projects while also traveling to NYC with friends. His favorite Korean food is ganjang gejang.


Co-Finance Chair

Caleb Yee

Caleb is a junior in Lowell House, studying Pure Mathematics. In his free time, he loves lifting weights, listening to music, and going on nature walks in his hometown of Lincoln, MA.


Public Relations Chair

Sky Jung

Sky is a junior in Eliot House, studying Computer Science. She is from Orange County, CA and her favorite movies are Lady Bird, La La Land, and Interstellar.

IMG_0459 - Ryan Jung_edited.jpg


Ryan Jung

Ryan is a sophomore living in Cabot House, studying Social Studies and Philosophy. He is from Orange County, CA and he has 10,000+ Chick-fil-A points. 



Yena Im

Yena is a freshman living in Holworthy planning to study Sociology with a secondary in Economics. She is from San Francisco, CA and she has the two cutest dogs!



David Kim

David is a freshman in Hollis planning to study Neuroscience and Economics. He is originally from Irvine, CA and he has eaten 44 pieces of sushi before in one sitting!



Christine Song

Christine is a freshman living in Stoughton. She is originally from Rochester, MN and is planning to study MCB/Economics. She also plays the oboe!

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