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Night of Seoul

About HKA


Harvard Korean Association (HKA) is a Korean cultural student organization for undergraduates at Harvard College. Established in 1998, with the merging of smaller Korean organizations, HKA today is the largest umbrella organization that serves as an ambassador of the Korean and Korean American community at Harvard. Its central mission is to promote awareness about social, political, and cultural issues regarding Korea. All students are welcome to join— whether it is to find a tight-knit community, connect on the basis of Korean heritage, or simply learn more about different aspects of Korean culture.

Currently, HKA consists of a 14-member Executive Board and around 400 general members. The membership and its diversity continue to grow every year. The organization also serves as a key liaison connecting other Korea-related organizations on campus, such as the Korean International Student Association (KISA) and the Korea Institute (KI).

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